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  • Access to the Rewrite & Rise Exclusive Community.

  • Quarterly live workshops with Cody’s favorite experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, Trauma, & more.

  • Weekly text and voice support.

  • Exclusive access to our online learning platform with access to over 650 hours of learning.

  • Full access to Cody’s speaking library.

  • Monthly live learning events & community get togethers/Q&A w/ Cody

What People Are Saying

“As a client, I am thoroughly impressed with the thoughtful, unique, science-based approach that Rewrite & Rise takes, combined with a passion for helping people be the best version of themselves. Cody himself is also a super nice guy, which makes working with him on some real deep stuff comfortable.”


“Since working with Rewrite & Rise I've seen small changes in my personality & how I look at things day-to-day. Now, I feel positive about my overall day, whereas before, I woke up feeling lost, not sure where I was going or what tomorrow was going to bring.”


“Everyone tells you to set goals and follow through with a plan to reach them, but few actually provide the framework and consistent feedback to do so, as I’ve experienced in my Rewrite & Rise Program.”


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Featured Products

Checkout a few of the highest rated products by our clients included in our Me 2.0 Membership.

“This is the last Goal Setting Course you'll ever need. Inside you will learn how to set goals using your subconscious mind using our Narrative Goal Setting Process. ”

The Neuroscience of Goal Setting Mini Course

“People who have a large social circle have a 50% lower mortality rate. That being said, making friends as an adult isn't as easy as it used to be. In this course you'll learn the social skills, mindset, and actions you need to start finding friends!”

How to Make Friends 101 Course

“In this mini-course, you will learn how to identify & change beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you want to live.”

Shifting Your Limiting Beliefs Mini-Course

Meet Your Digital Coach

Cody Isabel


Hi, I'm Cody. I’m a Brain Researcher & Entrepreneur. I am also the CEO and Co-Founder of Rewrite and Rise, which is a Mind Brain and Body Lab that focuses on bringing successful treatment outcomes to those healing from emotional abuse, burnout, or an identity crisis like after a breakup or during a quarter-life crisis. Welcome aboard!

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  • What's included in the text messages?

    You can expect direct responses to your messages in 48hrs. Other messages will include a video to watch, others a blog to read, and each will have a mission to complete!

  • Can I text back and get a response?

    Yes, you can ask questions, ask for advice, send us updates on your missions, request a Facetime/Zoom call, & much more!

  • Is it really Cody who responds?

    Yes. Cody will text you back, send voice messages, or send selfie videos depending on the complexity of the question you send to us.

  • What's covered in the Group Coaching Call every month?

    We survey all of our clients for questions, concerns & topics they would like to cover in the group call, once we have the topic, we will send out a text letting you know what to expect. These calls are also a great time to get to know other clients & build your social circle!

  • Is this therapy?

    No. Our brain programs work alongside traditional therapy and are focused on beliefs & actions.

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